Alexandra Petropoulos – Journalist, Musician, Ethnomusicologist

Alexandra Petropoulos ArtpeggiosHow do you see your teaching methods evolving and the way you pass on to your students your knowledge?

I approach every student as an individual. What works for one doesn’t always help another learn. So my teaching methods are constantly evolving and developing to help my students make the most of their lessons. I’ve been known to include from games, theatrics and even Legos in my lessons, as Iong as it helps my students progress!

What is your aim as a teacher?

Music matters. And learning it leads to a greater appreciation of our world well beyond the realm of clefs and scales. Through teaching, I hope to help beginning and intermediate students hone that appreciation and build a solid foundation in flute technique, interpretation, repertoire, and theory.

Why Artpeggios?

Artpeggios is a top-quality school, with great facilities and amazing staff who are so encouraging to their students. I’ve never seen an unhappy student within those walls!

Why in London? Other activities you may have?

London is a wonderful city where you can hear any kind of music you like – even the more obscure instruments like Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute)!

Do you perform in London or anywhere else?

Occasionally perform with various groups in London and have participated on both recordings and film soundtracks.

Your favorite artists:

Emmanuel Pahud, Jean-Pierre Rampal and Ian Clarke.


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