Walk. Look. See. Stop. Photograph. Fly!

Variety, not only the spice of life – it’s also one of the most beautiful things about the art form of photography. The number of possible subjects for a photo is almost limitless.  Truly, the sky is the limit, just learn how to fly!

With this being said, we are delighted to show you the wonderful, imaginative and creative world of our photography student – ALAGU.

Want to see more? Feel free to visit Alagu’s new instagram account and watch her progress.



Agnès Dargent – Art teacher

Agnes Dargent

Vision of your relation with Artpeggios as a teacher:

Thanks to my varied interest and training I teach observational drawing, various painting techniques and Photoshop. I like to reference my lessons to history of art too. We’ve got a lot to learn from the Masters!

What is your aim as a teacher?

I want my students to gain the confidence to be creative. I believe that anyone can draw or paint if they have an interest in it. I’ve got lots of exercise and ideas to get them there! 

Why Artpeggios?

Being French but having lived in London for nearly 10 years I enjoy teaching in both languages and give my students the opportunity to learn in their native language.

Your favorite artists:

I like artists who work with colours like Delacroix, Van Gogh, Rothko or Kapoor and I’m always impressed with Picasso, Manet or Daumier drawings.




At Artpeggios, we teach our student how to use their natural creativity and to develop it.

Our students can draw, paint or learn how to create a manga or how to use Photoshop. They are always following their tastes and interests in order to learn what they really want to.

Discover a new generation of art and music space

Artpeggios is a music and art school academy for everyone from the age of eight and upwards. Share, learn, enjoy, practice, make new friends and play unlimited music now 7 days a week till late in our 400 sqm2 fully equipped building ideally located on Earl’s court road! 20 years experience teaching.
Guitar (acoustic 7 electric music), bass guitar, piano, drums, Saxophone, violin, flute, cello, singing, clarinet, trumpet… 1,2,3, can you feel the beat?

Picture of the launch party

DR Artpeggios.