Artpeggios began a choir in a French Primary School in London

Lately, Artpeggios began a choir with two classes of grade 5 from one of the French Primary School in London.

After two sessions, the respective teachers of the classes, Mrs Kergoat and Mr Roch, gave a positive opinion of it. As they said, the singer has a really beautiful voice and she is very good with the children. Being part of a choir is very positive for the pupils as they can learn more about this art, and about music. Also, more than discovering a new world, they can learn discipline and how to work together, with they qualities and defects. Everybody in a choir is important and they have to improve their listening quality.

For Belen Barnaus, the singing teacher, everything is going well. Children are enthusiastic and they love singing. Actually, some of them are really good at it. Teaching to a group of children is really interesting and as she said, she has to adapt because they are many and she wants to establish a positive relationship with them.

For a child, be part of a choir can be really helpful because singing in a group is a way to get in touch with music, to have fun with other children and also it is not an exam, it’s just a great moment all together. It makes them aware of their body, they have to act a little bit and it is good for their memory, as they have to learn songs by heart.

This choir is just beginning and as it is going well, let’s hope that it will be better and better and maybe some of the children will be interesting in singing more.