Guido Spannocchi – Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet


Vision of your relation with Artpeggios as a teacher:

My visions or hopes with artpeggios is that we teachers are all contributing to a unique place of inspiration, joy and creation for the students and ourselves. Artpeggios is becoming an institution where I can tell my student for example that he could take a drum lesson or two to get a good rhythmical feeling and he can just walk over to the drum teacher and schedule a date and time. I am very curious about what we will develop within the months and years to come!

How do you see your teaching methods evolving and the way you pass on to your students your knowledge?

Every student is different therefore there is no recipe for teaching, working with different characters over a long time enables the student and the teacher to access difficulties from different perspectives. As a teacher I try many ways of passing on knowledge so the student can not only understand but also easily use new material. That enables the student and myself to stay fresh and see music in a different light which is essential for understanding and playing music. 

What is your aim as a teacher?

As a teacher I always aim to motivate students through the joy of playing music. This way we can encounter difficulties from a playful perspective and are more likely to grow then to be defeated. For me music is all about playing and creating beauty in a fulfilling way. I adapt to the students whilst still suggesting certain paths and guidelines to let them assemble their musical tools and use them freely in their own creations.

Why Artpeggios?

Artpeggios provides brilliant facilities (pianos/recording studio a.o.) which contribute greatly to quality teaching. Working with this institution is a real pleasure particularly because I can use all the resources and concentrate on what I’m good at which is teaching. I do not have to run from one students home to another, reschedule appointments or face difficult teaching situations at different places and can work with each student using great equipment.

Why in London? Other activities you may have?

London is so to say the music capital of Europe if not even the world, having lived and worked in many other cities such as Paris or Vienna and being on tour regularly I deeply enjoy the vibrant live music scene here. Being a huge international hub, London brings musicians from all over the world keen on creating new sound, sharing new ideas and ultimately launching new projects. The connections to the international market are omnipresent and the opportunities seem endless.

Do you perform in London, or anywhere else?

Having established within a certain Jazz circuit I regularly play all sorts of sessions throughout London, I also play with my own projects in London, around the UK and Europe especially during the festival season. Currently I work a lot as a session musician recording in different studios and playing with a lot different repertoires but am constantly pushing my own projects forward, have a look at my homepage if you want to get more detailed information.

Your favorite artists:

The list of my favourite artist is almost endless and I keep bumping into new things a long the way, some of my alltime favourites are Quincy Jones, evidently Miles Davis (particularly the recordings Agartha and Pangea) of course Charlie Parker, Kenny Garrett, David Sanborn and Art Pepper, but also John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Alber Ayler and in a different genre definitely one of my heroes Prince, Leonard Cohen, Georg Kreisler, Ricky Lee Jones, elektro guzzi, Karlheinz Stockhausen. John Cage, Benjamin Britten (especially the war Requiem), Terry Riley…  The latest mindblowing concert I heard was the Sun Ra Arkestra at Café Oto incredibly diverse, vivid and contemporary or Prince which was so far away from the usual boring pop product you get and entirely filled with joy and live arrangements. Other Artist I deeply enjoy are Joseph Beuys, Paul Klee, Max Richter, Jan Fabre (also his dance pieces), P.G.Wodehouse and that’s about it for today but might change tomorrow….


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