Emilie Perraudeau – Drama teacher


Vision of your relation with Artpeggios as a teacher:

Working for Artpeggios is a real pleasure, It brings Drama Class in West London. And It’s great to do class in the Bahvan Theatre.

How do you see your teaching methods evolving and the way you pass on to your students your knowledge?

As director and performer, it was important to me to share my skills and experiences. It’s so great when I see the students create their on show. We work on different material as the mime, impro, novels , plays or also film scenes.  For me it’s important to find our own way to tell a story. I love share my passion about drama and art.

What is your aim as a teacher?

My main objective is for the students to have fun! And later on to enjoy the artistic creation and how we can express emotions through text and characters.  The important word in drama is “sharing”.

Why Artpeggios?

I have had chance to be asked to work for Artpeggios. I think it’s great for the french community to have this king of cultural center where everyone could do an artistic activity.

Why in London? Other activities you may have?

I came to work in London 5 years ago. I have created my own production company “The Art FabriC” and I am working as freelance stage director and drama teacher. I am also part of the French British Improvisation (FBI) as director and performer. I am also a writer (plays, short stories and comics books).

Do you perform in London, or anywhere else?

I do sometimes work in Paris or in France with the FBI but I am based in London.

Your favorite artists:

I have so many… Probably Miranda Hart for her british humor, and Jean Luc Lagarce for his plays.



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