Alessandro Riccardi – Drum teacher

Alessandro Riccardi

Vision of your relation with Artpeggios as a teacher:

I see myself as a qualified drum teacher with a lot of students organizing masterclass, rhythm courses with a bass player and a guitar player and group lessons like clinics.

How do you see your teaching methods evolving and the way you pass on to your students your knowledge?

From when I started I changed the method a lot, every student is unique and I cannot follow an academic approach with everybody.

What is your aim as a teacher?

My aim as a teacher is to inspire the student as a role model and have a lot of fun with them while they grow up as a musicians.

Why Artpeggios?

Artpeggios is a great school brand new, shiny, clean, with a lot of class a lot of teacher and a lot of activity to do, plus is in a very nice area!

Why in London? Other activities you may have?

I came to London 2 years ago to follow my dream to become an established musician, I teach and play drums as much as I can, I try to keep myself busy playing and meeting other people.

Do you perform in London, or anywhere else?

I perform in London regularly in small and big venue, but also outside London in small theaters and pubs.

Your favorite artists:

They change from time to time really, I remember growing up listening to Metallica but also to Sting, Police, John Mayer, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton and many others.



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