Cristina Rubio – Singer

Cristina RubioVision of your relation with Artpeggios as a teacher:

From the very first day I had a very good feeling about Artpeggios. The very professional staff and superb facilities they have allows us teachers to just focus on passing on the knowledge to our students, knowing that we can use the best resources available, like recording or using microphones/keyboards so that the student can get a real understanding of how to sing and use the sound equipment in a professional way from the beginning.

How do you see your teaching methods evolving and the way you pass on to your students your knowledge?

Working at Artpeggios is challenging in one way or another every day. I encounter new students regularly, of different ages, levels and styles, so I tailor every lesson for each individual to develop his own sound, recognise what aspects of their singing might need more focus and give them plenty of tools to work on it. It’s really fulfilling to see how everybody is improving so much already!

What is your aim as a teacher?

The most important thing for me is that the student understands his/her instrument: how to breathe properly, to take care of their voices and to develop a good intonation amongst others.
As singers, we don’t have any “buttons” to press or keys to play when we want to sing a note, so I focus on aural training as well as singing technique to help my students develop their ears as well as their voices.

Why Artpeggios?

Artpeggios has a really friendly and understanding environment, which is the first reason why every teacher is happy to work here! I also love the fact that all the students in the school are very musical, so it’s a pleasure to teach people that really want to learn.

Why in London? Other activities you may have?

London is just one of the most vibrant cities to work in! As a musician, you get inspired by so many artists, and the work opportunities expand to all Europe too when a project is succesful. I will definitely be here for the foreseable future as long as I can keep doing music full-time.
As well as teaching at Artpeggios, I lead Pop/Soul and advanced Jazz Singing workshops at The Institute, and adult-learning university in East Finchley. Random facts: I’m also training to run my first half-marathon next year!

Do you perform in London, or anywhere else?

I perform regularly in London and UK mainly, although I get to perform around Europe with some other projects too. Last year I toured Brazil with my band for two months and next Spring I will also be in New York for a few days, working on my debut album, which will come out in 2014.

Your favorite artists:

I love all kinds of music really! The singers that probably have most influenced me are Eva Cassidy, Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin… Any soulful artist that really means what he/she sings, I can never get enough of those!

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